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Discover® Open Road Gas Card
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Discounted Prepaid Gas Cards

Discover® Open Road (SM) Card
Savings: double*
APR: 6*Mo.
Annual Fees: $None*
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How to get a Discounted Prepaid Gas Card

Discounted prepaid gas cards are available from some gas companies when you buy them in bulk. They usually offer ½ to 1 % off the regular price of gas depending on the volume you buy. If you are buying them for customers or family and friends this is certainly an option for a gift. With the price of gasoline going up every day are discounted prepaid gas cards really the best value for your money? For example, let’s say gas is currently $4.00 per gallon. If you buy these cards you may save 4 cents on each card making the price of gas for the recipient $3.96 per gallon. By the time you give them the discounted prepaid gas cards, and they redeem the card, the price of gas has already gone up by at least 4 cents. So have you really spent your money wisely?

Alternatives to Prepaid Gas Cards

Citi CashReturns (SM) Card
Savings: Varies
APR: Up to 12 Mo.
Annual Fees: $None
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To really give a nice gift to your friends and customers, the best thing to do is to give them cash and the address to this web site! Don’t let the discounted prepaid gas credit cards depreciate the value of your gift. Rather than discounted prepaid gas cards look at the options on this web site and give them the real savings. This site has many options for gas credit cards that will save 5 to 10% on every gas purchase they make and you can take advantage of it also.

Review all the options to be sure the cards you choose are the best value for you. If you are not going to pay the balance of the card each month, be sure you look at the APR. Some cards offer a higher percentage off your gas but also have a higher APR. You may lose the benefit of the higher discount by paying more in interest. Also be sure the card is convenient. Some gas station cards offer a higher percentage off when you buy only from that company but may not be close to your home or work when you need to fill up.

There really is a good way to really save on your gas purchases. Don’t go for the gimmicks; get a gas credit card and save up to 40 cents on each gallon you buy.

Chase PerfectCard™ MasterCard®
Savings: 6%
APR: 6Mo.
Annual Fees: $None
Apply for Chase PerfectCard™ MasterCard®
*** 58970 *** *** 587 ***

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