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GAS CREDIT CARDS: How to Get the Most Out of the Available Cash-Back Offers

Would you like to get back 5, 10, 15, or even 20% of the money you spend on gas? The answer to this question is very simple, isn't it? Gas Rebate Cards is an exceptional tool for drivers to save every time they pump gas at their cars. However, it's not all that perfect. Gas rebate cards will save you hundreds of dollars a year, only if you use them right.

- Gas rebate credit cards have a higher APR then the regular credit cards, and if you are carrying a balance then gas rebate cards are not for you.

Generally speaking gas rebate credit cards have a higher APR then the regular credit cards, and if you are carrying a balance then gas rebate cards are not for you. Think about it for a second - if you're getting back a 5 percent credit on your gasoline, but you're paying them 14.99 percent on your balance, it's going to cancel out any credit that you might be making. Banks, and credit card companies hope that you'll cary balance on your card so they can sit back and collect the interests. So, most important rule for gas rebate credit cards is "ALWAYS PAY OFF YOUR CARD BALANCE AT THE END OF THE MONTH".

Also, before applying do your homework, compare at least a few offers. Pick what will fit you best. One of the key points in choosing a gas card is paying attention to the introductory period for the high rebate. Some cards will offer you 15 percent, but will drop to 5 after three or six months. Also, make sure to read the card terms and conditions and know how you will get the rebate, and if there is an expiration on it.

Some consumers take savings even further. If you decipline yourself you can use the rebate money to purchase discounted gas gift cards, and savings can really surge in this case. There have been reports on consumers saving up to 32 cents per gallon.

These easy tips will help you boost your savings and will get you the knowledge to beat the pump each and every time you buy gas.

Remember, credit card companies constantly come up with the new offers and cards with new features. Visit us in the future for the most up-to-date information on credit tips, and gas credit cards information.

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