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GAS CREDIT CARDS: rebates, cash backs, and more

What is it?

Gas rebate credit cards and gas cash back credit cards have gotten an increased popularity among credit card users through out banks which offer rewards programs that cover gas purchases. These rewards may come in a form of gift cards, discount certificates or simply checks for the amount of collected points converted into their money equivalent.

How much can I save?

Depending on the offer that may range from 1%-6% and current gas prices one will be able to save up-to $.20 per gallon. Some banks will award increased or doubled rebates for a limited time (usually two or three month after the sign up). During that period anybody who uses their gas card will receive up-to $.30 per gallon purchased. An example of such offer is Chase’s BP Visa® Rewards Card and Discover® Open Road Gas Card.

Instant rewards and other benefits

Some banks may give one instant rewards for signing up and using their gas credit cards. Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card is one of the cards that will come with a $50 certificate after first purchase. Most of the gas credit cards presented at our website will also include an option of transferring balance for a low or even 0% APR for the length of the intro period.

Applying for a gas credit card

Applying for a gas credit card is in no way different from applying for a regular credit card. One shall never use a credit card as a quick fix to his or her financial problems without a worked out plan of paying off borrowed amounts. Knowing the credit score will help one to choose the offer he or she will be easyly approved for.


Using rebate gas credit card or cash back gas credit cards makes sense only if the balance is paid off at the end of each cycle.

SAVE MONEY ON GAS by Driving Smart

"Saving gas is saving money! Rules of efficient driving that will help you save big "

Drive Sensibly: Speeding, rapid acceleration, and braking waste gas. On the highway it can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent and up-to 5 percent on the town roads. If one were to translate it into the money equivalent of gas savings it would come close to $0.15-$0.96/gallon.

Observe the Speed Limit: These days many vehicles are equipped with fuel economy displays. They give you a chance to see whether the speed you are comfortably cruising with is the optimal speed for your vehicle, money-wise of course. Usually mileage rapidly decreases at speeds above 60 mph. To give you monetary reflection on the subject we will tell you that crossing the above-mentioned limit may put an additional $0.20-$0.67 on top what you pay per gallon of gas.

Take a note of the less, but still, important rules that will save you some money, as well. Excessive idling gives you 0 miles per gallon. Try to avoid it. Cruise control will keep you within the efficient speed limit. Use it on the highways.

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